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Align your business and learning goals with a personalised learning ecosystem. 

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Built to scale, Techademy Learning Experience Platform takes care of your Learning & Development needs end-to-end or can be integrated hassle-free with your existing learning ecosystems with APIs. Blend work and learning in a seamless path for a larger digital convergence, drive high user adoption, and deliver immersive learning experiences.
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Explore 8000+ high-impact learning content across 30+ niche categories and multiple contexts like fresher training, full-stack learning, role-based training, and continuous learning. Learning paths and courses are meticulously curated to meet the unique demands of the evolving IT Industry. 

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Let your learners flex their coding muscles on virtual skill gym

Boost skill retention through hands-on practice. Learners can apply the knowledge gained through course content with ready-to-learn, pre-configured online practice labs. Mapped to the learning paths, virtual tech labs allow practice and hands-on learning via real-time projects. 
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Virtual Mentoring for employee training and development

Mentor-on-demand just a click away

The Learning Experience Platform allows learners to interact with peers from their learning cohorts or choose from a range of consultants, developers, entrepreneurs, architects to solve queries and engage in discussions.
Data driven learning management system

Measure & monitor learning impact

Assess the capabilities and skill level of your workforce in a highly interactive in-built assessments platform. Use knowledge-based, skill-based, or application-based assessments at different points in the learning journey, customised as per your needs

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Why LXP is better than an LMS ?

30% cost reduction in full-stack engineering program


Our client was short on time to get this training going, and this meant a lot of time constraints in getting the program up and running. Running the Full Stack Engineering program for our client within the desired time period of 2 months was far more complicated when compared to the industry norm. In short, our client wanted us to:

Enable them to scale up their existing workforce within 2 months.


Full Stack Engineering scaled-up
Scaled up the existing workforce in 2 months
Full Stack Engineering Implemented in 3
Implemented in 3 carefully designed phases
Full Stack Engineering 100 hours
100 hours
compact and focused
learning plan
Full Stack Engineering techstack
Java and .Net

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