CURE – Cross Skilling, Upskilling, Reskilling, Expert Skilling : The Future Of Jobs

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A lot of IT companies are predicting the growth of their business in the next 5 years without taking into account the growth in the corresponding increase in HR. Enterprises today onboard skilled if not multi-skilled individuals. It is no more about taking in employees to keep them sticking with just one skill all throughout their career.

With the increase in automation and introduction of high-end technologies, employers require individuals who are trained in the latest technologies. Also, the fresher recruitment in campuses does not come anywhere close to the number of engineering graduates every year. This is why, the ONLY cure to even start off, stay on, grow and flourish in the destructive IT market of the IT industry is to upskill, cross-skill, reskill and also move employees to expert skill.

Here is a look at what we mean:


Improving the proficiency levels of employees to help them perform beyond their existing responsibilities is termed as cross-skilling. As per recent recruitment trends, employees who can work on multiple technologies are preferred over students having hefty credentials or mastery over just one technology. This is because the work environment is highly volatile and thus there is a constant shift in modern job roles.

So cross-skilling has been considered a big plus as such employees gain a better understanding of the process from start to finish. The process increases the sense of job satisfaction and employees are trusted to take on other roles and responsibilities.


Technologies have short shelf-life and IT companies adapt to the latest changes as fast as they can. Organsations also look forward to onboard employees who posses hands-on training in those trending technologies. But most importantly, recruiters look for the learning agility in their future employees so that they can stay on top of the learning and development activities in the organisations. This help the organisation make the best out of the technologies and infrastructure they invest in.

Ground realities suggest that changes in technology has been taking place faster than any application for changes in the curriculum reaches the education board. This is why it is important that freshers and working professionals regularly upskill by taking organisation or self funded programs to stay employable.


One many have a thorough knowledge of a specific technology but to be a leader in the area, one should become a true expert in translating business strategies into high impact technological solutions. Reskilling helps individuals sharpen their business acumen and analytic skills.

Ground real factors recommend that adjustments in innovation has been occurring quicker than any application for changes in the educational plan arrives at the instruction board. This is the reason it is significant that freshers and working experts normally upskill by taking association or self subsidized projects to remain employable.

Expert skilling

While cross skilling is the spreading of skillset breadth wise, expert skilling is going in deep. Getting hands-on experience in technology while solving real-world problems under the guidance of industry experts has been the standard way of learning. A thorough expert means a project well taken care of. Experts at a technology is seen as an asset to organisations.

The scaling in companies is another issue – whether its down scaling or up-scaling, an individual who is cross-skilled, upskilled, expert skilled or reskilled is expected to thrive!

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