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What if you could generate an income stream from the skills you already have? On Techademy, you can do exactly that by becoming a content partner. Pick a topic that you are an expert in, make a course, and launch it on our platform. All you need are a few simple steps to get you started.

Why become a Content Partner on Techademy ?

Help build a skill economy

Become a catalyst in the shift from a knowledge to skill economy with your courses

Build your reputation

Create courses and build your brand as a Blockchain & IOT expert on the niche tech skilling platform - Techademy

Start Earning!

Create your tech courses and get paid for your expertise.

Choose any of the topics you are an expert in.

Kubernetes logging and tracing tools


Docker Workload Security

Docker images

Kubernetes Montoring and debugging

Docker Networking


Docker Swarm

Docker Monitoring

Docker Compose


DevSecOps Tools



HashiCorp packer


Octopus Deploy

Get Started - Upload your demo video in 1..2..3..

Step 1: Get Prepared

  • While you might be an expert in various technologies, please pick any one technology to start the process.

  • Be presentable and wear Formals/Semi-formals/Smart casuals while appearing in front of the camera

  • Ensure you have a clean, clutter-free, well-lit background for recording

  • Use a good microphone and avoid any ambient noise around you

  • Speak in a clear consistent tone and keep a neutral accent

Step 2: Record your video

  • Use the software “CAMTASIA” and “TUNESKIT” and capture the full screen of your system.

  • It is recommended to create maximum of 10 minutes video content for your course for the demo.

Step 3: Upload your video

  • Once you are done with recording the sample video, you can submit your details and upload your demo video as a link or as a file upload at the end of the form.

  • Post review, you will receive an email within a week from our audit team on further steps.

We are here to support you!

Once you are done with recording the sample video, you can submit your details and upload your demo video. Post review, you will receive an email from our audit team on further steps.

Begin your journey as a content partner   

Frequently Asked Questions

The process is super simple. Fill up the form with your details and upload a sample/demo video of yours and hit submit.
After you hit submit, your application will be sent to the audit team for review. You will receive an email update on your application from the audit team within 7 working days.
You can choose topics from the technologies and skills listed on the form. You also have the flexibility to add a topic that might not be on the form but it is relevant and trending in the tech skilling world.
No, you don’t have to pay any fees. You will be paid according to the content partner income model
It is absolutely okay to submit your sample video even if you have no prior experience in course creation. You just need to have a command or expertise on the topics that you choose.
The sample video should be of at least 10 minutes or more.
  • Perpetual license with exclusivity 
  • Licensed for some time + no. of enrolments 
  • Get paid for no. of. enrolments