Leverage Customized Diagnostic and Learner Statistics for Performance Improvements.

Keep track of your learners’ progress and create insightful reports that can help Identify the knowledge gaps and improve your training strategies.

Allow us to compute insights so that you don’t have to.​

Gain a better understanding of what your learners need with the Analytics Engine™. The curated data tells the story of your learners’ experience, highlighting the wins and identifying opportunities for improvement, including:

  • Identifying and filling content gaps
  • Ensuring content titles, descriptions and tags are accurate
  • Removing outdated or irrelevant content
Analytics Engine

Drive actions with advanced LMS reporting

Share learning insights across your organization—even with those not logging in to access LMS analytics. Create the LMS analytics reports your team needs, then schedule regular email to update key stakeholders. Target certain groups of users to receive LMS reporting; including the C-Suite, department heads and instructors.
Analytics Engine

Add Intelligence to your Reporting Suite to optimize learning effectiveness

Stay on top of your learners’ progress, scores, and engagement levels by analyzing a multitude of parameters across individual Courses, Exams, or Assessments. You can easily see their:

  • Results and Progress
  • Engagement and Dropout Level
  • Certification status 
  • Outcome per category
  • Returns-on-learning & more. 
Analytics Engine

Embracing Data Analytics in Talent Development

Addressing the insights you need for a successful digital transformation.
Analytics Engine

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