Create unique progress reports for every learner

Keeping track of individual learners’ progress is easier than ever before with insightful reports to help you identify skill and knowledge gaps and create personalized learning journeys

You tackle the bigger picture, we’ll grind the numbers

Gain a better understanding of what your learners need with the Analytics Engine™. The curated data will give you meaningful insight into a learner’s upskilling journey and help you identify opportunities like :
  • Mapping and filling learning gaps
  • Creating personalized interventions
  • Enhancing learning outcomes
  • Analytics Engine
    Analytics Engine

    Drive actions with advanced LMS reporting

    Get deeper insights into learner journey, progress, and individual learning gaps. Create personalised learning interventions based on actionable insights provided by Learning Telemetry Customize reports to different stakeholders at different levels. Get eagle-eye-view of your L&D initiatives right at your finger tips 

    In-depth reporting to ensure effective learning

    You can track your learners’ progress and gauge their engagement levels by keeping an eye on these metrics generated by our intelligent reporting suite:

    • Assessment Results
    • Dropout level
    • Certification status
    • Category outcome
    • Returns-on-learning & more
    Analytics Engine

    Embracing Data Analytics in Talent Development

    Addressing the insights you need for a successful digital transformation.
    Analytics Engine

    Leave the analytics to us.

    With Techademy Learner Telemetry, get all actionable learner insights right on your fingertips. You focus on building immersive experiences while we help you with analytics!
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    Leverage peer-based learning at your workplace


    TECHADEMY launches Learning Telemetry along with other learning interventions to improve the impact of L&D Programs

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