Experience the most comprehensive collaborative social learning capabilities available that encourages learners to be stay engaged

Keep track of your learners’ progress and create insightful reports that can help Identify the knowledge gaps and improve your training strategies.

Allow learners to record, share, and interact with others on subject matter related to work as well as employee training and development. An LMS with social interaction features is a dynamic training software. The LMS’ social learning tool is where moderated knowledge is transferred between users. All this information is stored on the LMS for future reference.

TECHADEMY allows social learning activities such as:

  • Discussion forums
  • One-on-one Q&A with Experts
  • Group chats & more.
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Making the case for social learning in 2021.

Social learning has successfully attempted to transform a once traditional and unstructured process of knowledge transfer into a formalized and recorded activity. In the framework of 70:20:10, social learning is the 20% which forms the backbone of the learning that takes place in your organization. While the framework percentage numbers are itself debatable, if we accept the 70:20:10 ratio at face value, this 20% is more important than the 10% which is formal learning. Social learning presents the advantage of integrating experience sharing with technology to achieve an improved form of modern learning.
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Create opportunities for teamwork and collaborative learning.

Through features such as forum discussions, gamification aspects such as leaderboards, and messaging capabilities, an LMS becomes a new kind of social hub for learning. Learners can discuss and help each other understand certain questions or concepts — and develop critical thinking through discussions.
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Embracing Social Learning for Remote Workplaces

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