Worried about learner engagement? Adopt social learning for better outcomes.

Promote social interaction among learners and mentors for a motivated and enthusiastic learning environment.

Leveraging Learning in Cohorts

The social interaction features of our LMS allow learners to interact with their peers and mentors. TECHADEMY promotes social learning activities such as:
  • Discussion forums
  • One-on-one Q&A with experts
  • Group chats & more
Making the case for social learning

A case for social learning

Social learning has successfully transformed the traditional and unstructured process of knowledge transfer into dynamic and participative activities. Social learning enables active learning by creating collaborative opportunities. 

Opportunities for teamwork and collaborative learning

Features like discussion forum, leaderboards, and messaging service makes our LMS a new age social hub where learners can discuss pain points and help each other clarify concepts.  
Create opportunities for teamwork and collaborative learning
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Leverage peer-based learning at your workplace


Techademy introduces Social Learning features to leverage peer-based learning at modern workplaces

Embracing Social Learning for Remote Workplaces

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Experience our social learning features.

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