Level up your L&D Strategy and give your workforce a sense of progress, autonomy & mastery.

Empower learners to work towards common goals and earn points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates and achievements

Create Unique Experiences that Boost engagement, and retention rates

Blend exciting elements of gameplay with complex workplace scenarios and create immersive and interactive game-based learning environments and enable learners to acquire the targeted skills and apply their knowledge in the real world.

Transform your L&D Strategy into a rewarding experience.

Give your Learners extra encouragement with our gamification LMS features. Configure online and live training to award specific Activity Points when completed.

Make learning fun, engaging & memorable.

Conventional learning can be very boring, when it feels like learning for the sake of it. Employ game mechanics as part of your learning strategy to inject fun into the training strategy and make learners more likely to retain what they’ve learned.

Gamify your L&D Ecosystem to achieve your training goals faster

Award scores to users as they achieve specific steps while consuming or engaging with content

Earn ranks for completing specific steps and display badges and rank details on their user’s profile.
Displays player ranks and scores on leaderboard to instill a sense of competitiveness

Encourage your learn to keep returning to your site by providing rewards as they interact with courses.

Engaging with the Corporate Learner: A Gamified Approach

The State of Gamification in Workplace Learning

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