Make L&D the core of your Enterprise growth strategy by delivering a modern learning experience that prevents Learning Dropoffs

Deploy personalized learning ecosystems that host an array of packaged integrations designed to engage and align your workforce to a learning culture that accommodates business objectives.
Virtual Tech Labs
Assessment Engine
Assisted Mentoring
Digital Content
Integrated LXP

Your Playground. TECHADEMY Gameplay.

Scalable Learning Ecosystems that propels Engagement, Course Completion, and Knowledge Retention
Seamlessly integrate into your existing platforms to blend in; diverging to create multiple learner journeys, converging on learning effectiveness. Combine work and learning in the winning path to a larger digital convergence. Plug in our API to your systems to score tactical and strategic learning goals. Designed to drive maximum engagement and information retention Techademy includes packaged integrations with software applications and information systems that decrease time-to-value and increase user adoption significantly.
End-to-End Enterprise Learning Management System


Understanding the Metric key to Talent Transformation

Deliver Immersive Learning Experiences with Tailor-made Digital Content |

Explore 8000+ high-impact microlearning, engaging and gamified learning content across 30+ niche categories, meticulously curated to meet the niche demands of today’s ever-changing evolving IT Industry.
Digital Learning Content for Enterprise Learning

Get your talent pool comfortable with new technology in the specific context of your enterprise architecture.

Reinforce knowledge gained through our Learning Paths with one of the largest libraries of practical labs online. Expose your learners to a virtual skill gym where learners can flex their coding muscles to build their programming brawn. Backed with a recommendation engine, every learner is profiled based on multiple parameters.
digital learning
Summon a Mentor on-demand with just a click…
In L&D, you get to interact with peers from learning cohorts / internal SMEs. Or, choose from an array of consultants, developers, entrepreneurs, architects, and many more. L&D module is designed to train and deploy the aspiring learners with no time-zone restrictions.
Start Growing with TECHADEMY
Assess the capabilities and skill level of your workforce to curate the best learning strategy that beats the slump. A highly interactive and intuitive engagement awaits the incumbent. Assessment are readily available, primarily differentiated by coding and non-coding.


The Challenge |

Apart from creating a large-scale training model that provided hands-on training with every promotion cycle, the company also wanted to minimize billing loss while trying to provide training to employees in different locations around the globe and 30 trending technologies.



Reduction in Training Costs

- 37%

Arrest in Learning Dropoffs

7300+ H

Learning Content viewed

"Because of its integration and automation capabilities, our corporate learning strategies got significantly easier. There are content catalogs available within the learning management system which include role-based, compliance and softskills content. The insights, and the interventions we learning administrators get with TECHADEMY has allowed us to alter our L&D strategies on-the-fly."

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