CURE – Your prescription for the future of work

Cross-Skill, Up-Skill, Re-Skill and Expert-Skill your workforce to prepare for the ‘work of the future’.

What is CURE?

With the ever-changing and volatile tech trends, the only way organizations can sustain is through CURE – Cross-skill, Upskill, Reskill, and Expert-skill their employees. CURE is a comprehensive solution which enables employees to keep up with the changing definitions of job roles.
  • Cross-Skilling

Learning skills from domains other than their core, to perform beyond existing responsibilities is termed as cross-skilling. Employees should be able to work on multiple technologies rather than having mastery over just one technology to do justice to the evolving job roles.

Cross-skilling helps employees gain a better understanding of the process from start to finish. This boosts job satisfaction as well.

  • Up-Skilling

We have first-hand experienced how fast technology has changed just over a period of an year or two. This is why it is important that freshers and working professionals regularly upskill through continuous learning and development. Hands-on practice and application is needed now more than ever to upskill and be proficient in skills learned.

  • Re-skilling

Technologies have a short shelf-life. What’s popular today can become obsolete tomorrow. Similarly, a job role today could demand a certain set of skills and tomorrow it could be vastly different or worse, the job role itself may become extinct. It goes without saying that organizations need to enable their employees to constantly keep learning new skills, reskill, and stay relevant.

  • Expert-Skilling

While cross skilling is the spreading one’s skillset breadth wise, expert skilling is going in deep. Getting hands-on experience in technology while solving real-world problems under the guidance of industry experts has been the standard way of learning. A thorough expert means a project well taken care of. Experts at a technology is seen as an asset to organizations.

employee skill development

How to apply CURE for your organization

Train your learners across multiple skills and technologies with courses for beginners and experts
Measure skill gaps or monitor checkpoints for effective learning and development
Hone their practical skills with virtual tech labs for deeper expertise in skills
Measure and monitor the performance of CURE;
Get detailed learner analytics
Boost learner engagement and course completion rates for successful learning outcomes

Enable CURE for your organization

Why you need CURE?

The disruption caused by digitisation and the rapid change of technology cannot be prevented, however, there’s a CURE that helps your tech teams stay ahead of the curve. Techademy’s CURE is a crucial ingredient of your L&D strategy to : 

  • Address the skill gaps in your organisation 
  • Develop tech talent trained in the latest technologies 
  • Prepare your workforce for the jobs of the future 
employee training and development
employee development

Enabling cross-skilling across job functions

Given the highly volatile nature of modern jobs, cross-skilling across different departments will help your employees perform beyond their existing responsibilities. CURE will help you combine skills from different areas to churn out a versatile workforce.  

Up-skilling the existing skill sets of your workforce

Great leaps in modern technology have made learning new skills indispensable to your organisational growth. CURE will help you to not only onboard well-trained employees but also maintain an agile workforce that is able to embrace new skills.

employee training and development
training and development for employees

Re-skilling to stay ahead of the curve

In the modern IT industry, what we take for granted now, might become redundant tomorrow. Organisations also need to be able to respond to this change quickly. CURE will enable you to reskill your employees to take on new roles or new projects within your organisation efficiently.

A holistic learning solution under expert guidance

CURE offers holistic learning experiences with real-world problems under the guidance of industry experts.

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Learn how these skilling techniques can be applied to your organisation.

Addressing the insights you need for a successful digital transformation.
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Discover how L&D has evolved over the years

Explore how your Organisation can leverage CURE.

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