CURE – Your prescription for the future of work

With the ever-changing and volatile tech trends, the only way organizations can sustain is through CURE – Cross-skill, Upskill, Reskill, and Expert-skill their employees. CURE is a comprehensive solution which enables employees to keep up with the changing definitions of job roles.

Implement Cross-Skilling Across Job Functions​

  • De-specialize
    Usually, organizations have teams of specialists who are experts in a particular technology and most of their skills are therefore highly dependent or revolve around it. Cross-skilling starts with de-specializing, when you enable your employees to branch out of their core competencies.
  • Hyper-personalize
    As your team gets exposed to other sets of technologies and responsibilities, identify people who can quickly apply their skills from one technology to another. Plan individual road maps for cross-skilling. For example, you might find a back-end developer who can now apply his skills in the cloud, so you will hyper-personalize their learning/skilling plan accordingly.
  • Formalize
    Set up a learning ecosystem and learning stack in your organization, including tools and platforms that enable cross-skilling across all levels. Be transparent with your workforce about the need for cross-skilling so that they become stakeholders of the strategy.
employee development

Up-skill the skill sets of your current workforce

  • Identify (gaps and employee interests)
    Identify the individual skill gaps of your workforce by mapping out their skills, competencies, interests, and potential. You can use assessments, assignments, and one-on-one discussions to identify these. It’s also important to align upskilling with employee career paths so that the employees are equally invested.
  • Specify (learning plan/path)
    Once you identify the skill gaps and training needs, set up learning paths for your employees. These learning paths should include technologies and skills they learn along with milestones that mark the progress of learning. Leverage Learning Management Systems/Learning Experience Platforms to personalize training, integrate hands-on projects, and modular assessments.
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Re-skill to stay ahead of the curve

  • Prioritize
    Identify and prioritize the skills, new technologies, or platforms most necessary to the continued success of your organization. Roll out a plan for reskilling across these skills primarily.
  • Incentivize
    Learning a whole new skillset can be overwhelming. Help your employees overcome this inertia by tying reskilling milestones to performance objectives and their career path in the organization. Offer mentor support and create a learning structure with achievable milestones. Use leaderboards, badges, and rewards to incentivize reskilling.
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Develop the right expertise for your business objectives

  • Strategize
    Identify employees with high potential who are likely to become experts in specified technologies. Set up application and outcome-oriented learning strategies, helping them explore the technology in depth.
  • Analyze
    Set up clear KPIs and success metrics to measure the success of the learning programs. Measure and analyze the practical application of any new skills learned.
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Why use TECHADEMY to upgrade your upskilling?

  • Assess your team’s proficiency in the tech skills critical to your organisation. These data points can drive training needs and offer clear career paths.
  • Measure your team’s efficiency on each technology, framework, or language to identify where you can help them upskill.
  • Enable access to guided hands-on practice to deepen knowledge in job-skills in risk-free, provisioned environments, resulting in project readiness.
  • Guide your learners through a blended, multi-dimensional, and interactive learning journey facilitated by seasoned mentors.

Explore how your Organisation can leverage CURE.

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