Make fresh hires ready to work

With Techademy’s Learn Before Joining programs, your organization can make your fresh hires job ready. In the few weeks before they join, they’ll brush up on their fundamentals, get aligned with the work culture, and develop tech stack skills needed to work on complex projects. 

Reduce onboarding cost

Techademy’s new hire foundation programs have helped companies to reduce pre- and post-onboarding costs by up to 60%.  

Get your new hires off the ground

When fresh hires are still navigating around the physical and digital spaces of the company, Techademy ensures that they have one destination they can count on to get upskill and be continually productive.  

Train your fresh hires across multiple tech stacks

Why Tecahdemy’s Learn Before Joining programs?

Techademy is the number 1 training partner of many firms across the globe to train fresh hires. Our engaging and easy-to-deploy new hire foundation programs effectively train and onboard over 50K freshers every year. 

Job readiness through hands-on learning

Built-in practice interface allows your learners to experiment while you can track their progress on projects and assignments in a sandbox environment. Create a lab environment or integrate it into your existing system in just a few clicks.

Easy to measure training outcomes

Measure your employee’s pre-existing skills or identify training needs as per the job requirements. Over 1000s of ready-made templates that you can customize and gauge the skills levels without any hassles. 

How we help our clients

Every year, after they hire new graduates from campus, the new hires go through a foundation program with basic revision and foundation-level training. Learners were required to practice throughout both virtual instructor-led and self-paced learning sessions. Read the full case study here. 

Integrate assessments with your learning ecosystem or set up stand-alone assessments before and after training to successfully measure the learning impact. 

Learn before joining programs to make your onboarding process easier

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