Match the right talent to right roles to Improve retention.

The superstars of many organizations are in the tech teams. Their expertise is applied across multiple industries and, without this talent to drive innovation, many businesses, companies and academic institutes would struggle. Techademy builds an internal talent pipeline with analytics on employee proficiency – roles and skills – and reports that highlight impact and efficiency.

Reduction of external hiring costs

Reduce the cost to hire new talent by assessing technical proficiency and providing tailored learning experiences for individuals across custom virtual or on-demand platforms. You can save time, money, and stress if you know which tech talent you can move to a new team or project. You can reduce ticket queue time, unplanned work abandoned PRs and technical debt with insights.

Reshift and reskill existing employees

Make it easy for top talent to stay. Provide better 1:1 coaching with insights on performance and progress. Identify which tech team members have improved their skills and which engineers are working more effectively as they engage in planning, commits, mob sessions, and code reviews. Then recognize and promote talent so teams can improve health and reduce churn.

Reduce YOUR Attrition

Identifying hidden talent for your open positions has never been easier. With Techademy, leaders get data on technical skill levels and insights into which employees are having a high impact within the code base or delivery process — all without sacrificing qualified candidates who might otherwise go unnoticed by other tech giants in competition with each other!

Why use Techademy to improve talent scalability WITHIN your team?

  • Analyze performance metrics and data that may point out top performers, direct skill improvement, and provide clear pathways for job advancement for employees
  • Identify proficiency in the tech skills critical to your initiatives. That data can identify high performers, guide skill development, and offer clear paths to career growth.
  • Understand the true economics of value creation in specific roles. That’s precisely why Techademy can be one of your secret weapons in the war for talent.
  • Give your teams access to guided hands-on practice to deepen knowledge in key areas in risk-free, provisioned environments, resulting in project readiness.

Explore how learning paths at Techademy can help improve retention rates and build a stronger workforce.

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