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With customized learning paths from Techademy, your employees can gain the right competencies that can propel your business into the future. Explore the most relevant curated knowledge to build the right competencies for your workforce.

Learning Paths across all top technologies

Full Stack Java Developers

Java is still one of the most widely used programming language, so Full Stack Java Developers have multiple responsibilities and require the right competencies. Build a customized learning path where your employee can perfect coding skills and be more efficient to deal with both the front-end development and the back-end development 

AWS Solutions Architect

Empower your employees with the right learning path to become a AWS Solutions Architect, so they can develop, coordinate and administrate the highly popular AWS cloud infrastructure. A systematic approach where they can learn to automate, deploy, build infrastructure as code and be competent with all the aspects of the AWS cloud.  

DevOps Engineer

From building, testing and maintaining infrastructure, to developing tools and releasing software – your DevOps Engineers need to have the knowledge and skillset required to keep your business running at a high productivity level. Customize their learning path so that they can easily navigate through daily challenges and make your operations more efficient than ever.  

Data Scientist

With Big Data ruling the IT world, Data Scientists need to have a high level of skill to acquire, process, integrate and explore data. A custom learning path will help them with building more potential models and algorithms, apply new data science techniques, measure and improve results and adapt more efficiently to challenges with the ability to provide appropriate solutions.  

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