Learning solutions to align employees to their roles

Upskill your employees with relevant tech knowledge & skills demanded by their job roles. L&D will have a direct impact on employee performance with role-based learning solutions powered by Techademy. 

800+ templates across multiple roles and technologies

Find the right learning paths and templates for role-based training at all levels and roles of your organisation. Engage and align your learners to the career paths within Techademy integrated Learning Experience Platform.  

Training framework that’s best for your organization's needs

Offering role-based training that fits into your organization’s culture. Techademy has a huge library of over 9500 tech courses. All are tailor-made to meet the niche demands of today’s evolving IT ecosystem.  

Tech labs for on-the-job learning

Real-time tech tabs that enable your employees to practice and test their role-based skills and knowledge. Collaborating with other learners to build practical applications is an integral part of role-based learning with Techademy. 

Immersive Learning to keep your learners hooked

Techademy goes the extra mile to keep the training sessions engaging. Using all the modern technologies and tools training programs are not only customized but also designed to make the virtual sessions interactive. 

Pre and Post training assessments

Integrate assessments with your learning ecosystem before and after training to successfully measure the learning impact 

Check out interesting insights on Role-Based Training

Enabling role-alignment for freshers on Java, .NET, Cloud deploying them to projects based on skill and role match.

Customized role-based courses for every tech role

Full Stack Engineer 

DevOps Engineer

Data Scientist 

Cloud Developer 

Cloud Architect 

Software Tester 

SAP Engineer

Database Engineer 

And many more…

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