Develop tech skills needed for your mission critical projects strategically

Recognize your organizational workforce’s training and development needs to design training programs that meets business needs and provides excellent returns.

Make organisational skill gaps a thing of the past.

Get a true sense of of what your workforce knows and is good at to assess talent intelligently. Leverage a comprehensive skill-gap assessment that enables you to make informed decisions that allow you to maximise the effectiveness of your learning and development programs and advance business goals seamlessly.

Identify Skill Gaps to Create Targeted Training Plans

Build a Data-backed Skilling Strategy to see training through to completion

Our training needs analysis is key to predictably upskilling your tech talent. We deliver a single source of truth that blends programmatic knowledge with tangible outcomes, providing administrators with full visibility into progress surrounding proficiency and skills growth, from career development specific to each team member to out-of-the-box reporting that visualizes advancement at scale.

Turn assessment results into a development roadmap

Validate the skill strengths of workforce and potential hires with end-to-end assessments, so you can make the best possible hiring decision and have upskilling paths set when they start; learning journies that would help them onboard, learn your unique toolsets, processes, and technology, and help predictably bring their tech skills to where you need them.

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Training Needs Analysis Can Pave the Way for Successful Deployment

Choosing to invest in training is a critical corporate decision that must be undertaken carefully. Before selecting a training provider, an organization must undergo a thorough training needs analysis.

Think of it as a cornerstone—training needs analysis is the foundation of any training program. Without it, your training path will crumble, and the hard-earned money you spend on training activities will eventually go to waste. But what exactly is training needs analysis and what role does it play in the overall success (or failure) of a corporate training program?

Developing tomorrow’s talent starts today

  • Assess your team’s proficiency in the tech skills critical to your organisation. These data points can drive training needs and offer clear career paths. 
  • Enable access to guided hands-on practice to deepen knowledge in job-skills in risk-free, provisioned environments, resulting in project readiness. 
  • Measure your team’s efficiency on each technology, framework, or language to identify where you can help them upskill. 
  • Guide your learners through a blended, multi-dimensional, and interactive learning journey facilitated by seasoned mentors.