Why do companies across the globe trust Techademy as their L&D partner?

50,000 freshers trained every year

So far in our journey, we’ve transformed over 50 thousand freshers into experts across various tech stacks. Our customized training programs, assessments, and real-world projects made it easy for the freshers to pick a skill, master it, and apply it to their jobs. 

800+ templates for role-based learning

During our journey, we’ve built a huge library of over 800 templates for different learning paths. These learning paths are all designed to fulfill the learning goals of the organization and of the learners. The learning paths make the journey of learners easy and interesting.  

Learning Solutions Provided to 200+ Fortune 500 Companies

Since our inception, we’ve catered to more than 200 Fortune 500 companies helping them to reach their employee training and development goals. Every company had a unique learning requirement of its own. From helping them onboard fresh hires to making them experts in their tech roles, we had been successful in fulfilling all their learning goals. 

1.5 million learners skilled in tech

Over 1.5 million learners across various companies have benefitted from our learning solutions. Not only the IT companies, but we’ve also catered to organizations coming from various sectors such as banking, finance, healthcare, oil and gas, and retail. Organizations have been successfully upskilling and reskilling their employees with our learning and development programs. 

What are you looking to solve today?

Enhancing learning outcomes through personalized learning journeys

Mapping Skill gaps and measuring skill retention after training 

Integrating hands-on practice infrastructure with learning

Measuring and monitoring the performance of L&D initiatives; Getting detailed learner analytics
Increasing learner engagement and course completion rates

I need a unified solution for my L&D challenges

With Techademy you can