Evaluate Workforces' Core Competencies with Integrated Assessments Frameworks

Monitor the skill growth of your workforce across multiple metrics by adopting a data-driven approach to talent development.
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Features of our robust and scalable Assessment Engine

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Knowledge-Based Assessments

Technical assessments customised to your organisation’s needs

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Domain-specific Evaluations

Comprehensive assessments centred around a particular role
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Psychometric & Aptitude Tests

Understand the behavioural traits & problem-solving skills of your employees

Orchestrate talent transformation with AI-driven Assessment tools featuring:

  • Curate assessments customised to your organisational needs
  • AI-driven proctoring technology for cheating detection
  • Scalable platform that supports 100000+ real-time users
  • 1000+ pre-configured assessments for psychometric and technical competencies
  • Assess for real-world business scenarios on both single-file and multi-file coding environments for 60+ technologies.
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Administer scalable and proctored examinations both online or on-premise

Discover how we help academic institutions and professional organizations deter and detect cheating, authenticate identities, and protect their exam content via our secure and automated online proctoring solutions.

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