Deploy and Deliver Immersive Learning Experience on the very Technology that is being Skilled Upon.

When it comes to learning IT skills, nothing compares to hands-on training. Offer your learners a personalized, cloud-based lab environment that enables your learners to learn by doing.
digital learning

Hands-on learning at your fingertips

Unlock the potential of hands-on learning. Drive a hassle-free, hands-on learning experience that centers around your technology ecosystem they need for success. By unifying our live-virtual sandbox labs with a virtual classroom environment, delivery of hands-on learning becomes easy, engaging, and scalable.

Let your Training Environment Mirror your Production Environment

Get outcome-oriented practice in live environments and get familiar with real-world scenarios and services. Follow step-by-step instructions to learn a service, practice a use case, or master the skills and technology required to make the most out of role-based, outcome-oriented training.
employee training

Upskill your employees on the latest technologies and prepare them for new and diverse projects with zero infrastructure costs

Enabled with scalable APIs, instantly create and launch a curated lab environments for your workforce on your LMS or browser with the click of a button.


Leverage Virtual Sandbox Environments to Maximize Learning Efficiency.

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