Let your Workforce be Mentored by Veterans of the Global Tech Industry

First of its kind in the L&D industry, explore the opportunity to Interact with peers from learning cohorts/ internal SMEs or choose from an array of consultants, developers, entrepreneurs, architects and a plethora of other Industry Experts, across various time zones, driven to engage, train and deploy aspiring learners.

Summon a mentor with a click when you need it the most.

When your learners are facing a log-jam and can’t quite work it out, a face-to-face discussion with our mentor pool via video call and screen-share can make them look at things differently and gain a better understanding of scenarios and technologies.

Explore an ever-growing catalogue of experienced mentors who perfectly fit your learning strategy and criterion.​

Synchronous and Asynchronous Mentoring:

Upon incubation in the learning portal, a learner can find a Mentor relevant to their Learning Path/Skill-set/Technology who is available as Scheduled/ Dial-A-Mentor facilities.

Upon subscribing for a Course/ Learning Path sans the Learning Portal, an Individual/ Peer Group can request an external Mentor based on the Ratings/ Skill-Sets/ Geography/ Timezone.

Learners can also be nominated to be mentors to promote peer-based learning.


Mentorship in Learning & Development strategies for a Digital Era.

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