5 Ways to Use Microlearning for On-the-job Training

When learning comes in bite-sized nuggets: Micro-learning.

Ever wondered why chicken or veggie nuggets have caught the fancy of the food industry? Yes, you guessed it right-because it is in small portions and easily consumable -just right to satiate the hunger pangs. The same can be said about micro-learning. They come in easily digestible bite-sized portions.

This format offers learning modules lasting just 3-5 minutes, catering to the short attention span of most individuals. These learning nuggets are cooked with a special focus and aimed at specific outcome-no deviations at all.

Seamless Learning for the Employee:

Once inducted the employee starts delivering. But the industry changes, the job roles change, the employee himself changes. How does one see to it that the employee keeps pace with this constant flux? Employee continuous Learning thus becomes an integral part of the organizational structure. Whichever level the employee may be continuous learning is the key. How can this be achieved? Without exclusively eating upon the employee’s productivity time?

On-the-job training can easily be achieved using the microlearning format. They come packaged in different forms and can be used extensively for your on-the-job training needs

  • With PST s or Performance support tools that the learners can access from anywhere and at their convenient time. The gap that inevitably forms between the learning to application site can be bridged if the microlearning nuggets are made available to the learner for reference at the time of application. These act as supplementary lessons that can be readily accessed at the time of need
  • Getting over the ‘forgetting curve’ is yet another way the microlearning nuggets help. Though the employee can sit through session after session of training modules the question remains how much can he retain. How much has moved from his RAM to ROM, for only once the information and expertise is in his long-term memory will it be helpful to the organization. The microlearning, Tech Learning Solutions break down knowledge into smaller and more sessions such that it gets assimilated faster and can be retained longer.
  • Once endowed with the right Learning Experience Platform the organization can walk down the training road with elan. When the platform is learner-centric it caters to all the learning styles and needs. The personalized approach makes it easy to deal with for the learner and easy to track for the employer.
  • The new-age employee devours media-rich content. With a lower attention span, content can be delivered effectively using powerful images and videos rather than lack luster lectures. With studies saying that the average attention span has come down to 8 seconds, this is the way forward.
  • Microlearning nuggets can be developed easily and can be updated and customized too quite easily. It has proved to be the most affordable in terms of production costs and delivery timelines. Many people can be trained at one go and these can be effortlessly deployed through the existing LMS.

The best way to overcome time constraints, tide over attention deficit, and take the employee lethargy bull by the horn is through the powerful microlearning strategy.