6 Effective Ways to Optimize New Hire Onboarding Through E-learning

New kid on the block: Sync time

New Hire Training has never been something the hiring manager looks forward to. The new kid comes in with his new ideas so also his old ways. Getting him tuned to the ways of your organization will take some time and effort. But that’s exactly what you need to do to get the best out of your new hire. The onboarding process need not essentially be a nightmare if done the proper way following few fool-proof steps that have been thoughtfully put together by the experienced onboarding gurus.

Introducing the New Hire Foundation Program

If there is a problem there is a solution too. And best solutions come from a systematic approach to the case at hand. While physical sessions with the new hire could be helpful e-learning could make the process faster and more effective. The training goals can very well be achieved through the right learning experience platforms being provided to the new hires along with face-to-face interactions such that the onboarding can take place through a blended approach.

The objective is to move the new hire from being a new bee to being productive at the earliest. A well-thought-out induction program will ensure quick results for seasonal hires as well as long-term ones.

Help at hand

While Onboarding Training might be cumbersome, we have come up with the right courses, learning paths, and Learning Management systems, and Learning Experience Platforms that might be just what will make your life as a hiring manager much easier.

Things to Remember

  • Toggle between in-person and e training as and when required. Webinars  for group training are effective and less time-consuming.
  • Already existing staff can interact and add value to the induction.
  • The company culture needs to be communicated well.
  • Personalizing the e-learning content to suit particular job roles work well.
  • Making the learning process an interactive one rather than just chalk and talk.
  • Eliciting feedback is the only way to ensure that you have achieved your training goals.

Incorporating the tailor-made Learning Solutions that we offer might be great in making the induction process hassle-free.

Learning Management Systems

Induction can happen online with the right LMS that is suited for first-timers and not just another employee training module. Aspects like compliance training take the upper slot when it comes to freshers. A few other prerequisites for induction LMS are

A mode for reporting

An instructor-led training system in place

Multimedia system for embedding videos, images within the LMS

Mobile and Testing support for the continuum

SCORM so you have the option of creating your material or buying readymade ones

For your new kid block on the block to be one among you asap, we offer the best practices that have been put together as a deliverable package after a lot of R and D