Learner Engagement

Self-Paced Learning – More engagement, more productivity

Self-paced learning methods can be a great benefit for employees. Self-paced learning allows employees to learn at their own pace, which can be helpful for those who want to spend more time on difficult topics or move more quickly through easier topics. Self-paced learning also allows employees to revisit topics as needed and receive immediate feedback, which can help them retain information better. Additionally, self-paced learning methods can be more engaging than traditional methods, which can lead to better motivation and understanding of the material. Overall, self-paced learning methods can have numerous benefits for employees and should be considered when designing training programs. Let us learn more in the blog today.

Tips to reduce training time

5 Tips to Reduce Training Time While Being Highly Effective

Table of Contents Introduction   Have you ever been confronted by employees dissatisfied with the amount of time spent on training? They can say that, even though the training is beneficial, they probably couldn’t afford to spend so much time away from their regular tasks, particularly if the levels to achieve them to travel. So, how can you improve the effectiveness …

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Impact of technology in boosting learner engagement 

Table of Contents Introduction  Training, development & upskilling are crucial for organizational success in a world where information and technology are constantly expanding and changing. Innovative businesses invest in employee training and development to boost morale, productivity, and job performance, all of which can affect an organization’s bottom line.   Learner disengagement is the most significant difficulty that irritates any L&D …

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Skill gap v/s Will gap – Tips for Establishing a Continuous Learning Culture

To keep up with the constantly changing world, it is important for companies to establish a continuous learning culture. This allows employees to constantly learn new skills and keep up with the latest trends. Techademy LMS provides an easy and affordable way for companies to embrace continuous learning and see all the benefits it has to offer. With Techademy LMS, you can create custom courses, manage employee progress, and track engagement. Get started today and see the positive impact it has on your workforce.

Driving 90% Learner engagement using strategies inspired by popular OTTs

Of course, we are not suggesting that learners will hop onto the learning management system and binge-watch content, learning certainly doesn’t work that way. However, there are strategies OTT platforms use to keep users interacting with the platform; Can L&D professionals benefit from that?

Here’s a quick summary if you want to read through. But if you want deeper insights, keep scrolling!

  • Learner engagement is the key to L&D success; however, it is still a big challenge that needs to be cracked.
  • Taking a page out of popular OTT platforms that continue to capture the attention of users and keeping them hooked, L&D professionals can design immersive and engaging programs.
  • While a parallel can’t be drawn where users relax at the end of the day to binge watch a tutorial on Angular programming, the engagement strategy of OTT platforms can be replicated to keep the learner engaged as they learn.
  • The data points for recommendations (recommendations on What to watch vs. What to learn) in these two use cases could be different, but hyper-personalisation, cross-platform promotion, and interactive content can be effectively used to captivate learner interest and make the learning memorable and long-lasting.