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Enterprises that invest to build talent through workplace training programs face a significant challenge while identifying and closing skill gaps. Training and Development professionals are required to maintain a high engagement rate while establishing an effective culture of lifelong learning. On the other side, 87 % of Millennial and Gen Z at workplaces worldwide find professional development or career growth opportunities very important to them in a job. With the fast-changing landscape, the mere existence of orthodox administrator driven learning platforms with no to little choice and control don’t meet these goals anymore.

We are already into an era where learning technologies enable us to control and track learning activities from almost anywhere. Learners are digitally evolved and organizations are willing to upgrade their LMS set-up to create effective learning experiences and engage employees in relevant learning opportunities.

This is where the need for digitally advance Learning Experience Platform surface.

What Is A Learning Experience Platform [LXP]?

Learning Experience Platform, often abbreviated as LXP, is an integrated learning platform built upon the foundations of an LMS. The platform enables collaborative resource delivery, consumption, and real-time editing. The platform also monitors user activity and helps in the creation of personalized learning pathways and resource recommendation based on individual performances. The LXP brings in social knowledge sharing and elements of gamification within the platform making it a one-point solution to all learning needs.

LXP Is Learner Driven

A learning experience is about the flexibility in the ways learning resource can be consumed and activities that can be pursued. Microlearning sits in the crux of the platform. Learners get personalized resource recommendations based on most consumed resources, interests, outcomes assigned and, the assignments completed. They also get to add content to any course they take and select resource/device they believe is the most relevant to their individual journey.

LXP To Focus On The Impact Of Learning

Learning Experience Platform enables learners to structure their own learning path around career goals and profession they are in. This addresses the existing skill gaps and enterprises can put a personalized focus on enhancing skills and providing hands-on learning to each employee without hassles.

LXP’s are enabled by assessment engines that measure the impact any particular learning program is having on the bottomline, helping them to augment the ROI through L&D, and make more informed decisions about the future of their learning design.

LXP Is Open Collaborative Curation In Learning

Learning Experience Platform is an open program management platform where learners, administrators, L&D professionals, and other Instructors can contribute with ease. Each user can be curators on the LXP and thus providing vast options for all.

LXP Is Netflix Of Learning

Learners expect learning experience to as personalized as some of the most popular platforms like Spotify and Netflix. Learning Experience Platforms provide instructional designers with the ability to personalize resources and leverage smart recommendations with ease.  The ability to share and collaborate gives learners the ability to reflect on each experience.


Learning Experience Platform provides intense and personalized learning paths for learners and these features along with the enterprise learning opportunities point towards the fact that LXP is to pave the way for learning experience your learners want to be associated with. It is a factor that will help enterprises prepare a competitive workforce by enhancing their learning agility.  It provides an unsurpassed learning experience with learners being able to undertake training anywhere and anytime, thus reducing employee turnover. This much-required flexibility keeps them engaged and motivated improving ROI of learning programs. In addition, the advanced tools for collaboration and social learning facilitate improved performance among learners. Enterprises need to switch to LXP to drive in the digital transformation of the workforce in their organizations. Is your organization ready for the Learning Experience?