Exploring Compliance Training in 2021

Exploring Compliance Training in 2021

Simply put, compliance is another name of being law abiding. On the other hand, consequences of non-compliance could entail far reaching financial, legal and personal implications. For individuals manning organisations consequences of non-compliance can be hefty fines, cancellation of license and if worse comes to worst even a stint in jail. A culture of compliance training thus can greatly help ward off such unwanted situations.

Peace of mind

Compliance brings with it peace of mind. It lets organisations run their businesses efficiently and safely without having to be always on guard. What if authorities catch you on the wrong foot? At one stroke your reputation built over years of hard work suffers a dent. Overnight you become a criminal in the eyes of yours clients, employees and friends. The business suffers. It is in this context that compliance training at workplaces assumes significance.

Well versed in rules

From organisation point of view compliance training ensures employees are well versed in work rules and norms so they can work without any hindrance and to their optimum capacity. It also ensures employees know about the importance of regulatory compliance. Within organisations, compliance means implementation of both federal and state legislation and internal policies and procedures. This in turn ensures there are minimal or no violation of rules.

More focused on business

Obviously, when you follow rules, fines and legal actions against you are out of the question. You are more focused on your business rather than the next date of hearing in a court of law. The immediate benefit of all these is continuation of business activities without any disruptions. This translates into better productivity and increased profits.    

Compliance training amid Covid-19   

There are various internal and extraneous factors such as geography, nature of enterprise and work culture, etc. decide the types of compliance training. For example amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, compliance training in health, hygiene and sanitization can ensure better compliance of state and Federal Covid Safety protocol.

Scenario in America and Britain

·       Faced with a looming threat of Avian Flu, in 2006 the US Department of Labour brought new regulations for organisations to protect employees against the flu.

·         Compliance training for employees to prevent the spread of the flu then became an obvious sequel to the federal guidelines.

·         In the United Kingdom compliance training in workplace safety is another important example of how such training became necessary for providing workers especially women with better and safer work environment.

Training in safety, etc.

In a large number of workplaces today organisations are mandated to arrange for various types of compliance training. Such trainings are being carried out for as varied issues as prevention of harassment, violence, drug-abuse, safety at workplaces, besides for data protection and Human Resources law, etc.

Robust online training

With employees cutting across sectors and geographies having to work remotely from homes and other safer locations in view of the raging Covid-19 pandemic, organisations can ill afford to ignore the need for compliance training for workers. A robust online compliance training system along with relevant training courses are the need of the hour.

Engaging training courses

Training heads in organisations need to marshal all their internal and external resources to formulate relevant and engaging online training courses.

·         The first important step towards preparing training courses is to pinpoint the laws and rules that a company needs to comply with.

·         This will be followed by evaluation of necessary criteria for complying with laws and rules.

·          For creation of course contents help of reliable sources can be taken.

·         There is a need to provide the latest contents based on legislation and regulations enforced over a period of time.

·         The training head also needs a reliable audit report on users’ activities during online training through a tracking system.

·         Learning and Management System can be used for delivering courses, certification, reporting and automatic reminders on compliance training deadlines to employees.    


At the end of the day, compliance training makes up the solid inner core of an organisation. It also provides for a safer and productive workplace. It protects organisations’ reputation and rules out possibilities of any legal action against them.