How to Increase User Adoption of Learning Platforms

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You might have a great learning program in place, you have invested in a brand-new Learning Experience Platform, you might even have thought about how to engage each of your learners better, but none of them will be successful if they don’t adopt the remote learning initiatives first. So, here are a few tips you can use to increase user adoption.

Tip 1: Make sure everyone knows about the LMS/LXP

User adoption is all about getting more people to use a product or technology, so it’s important to make sure everyone knows about the service. One of the main reasons people are not using remote learning is because they don’t know it exists. First things first, make it visible. Let everyone know the benefits of learning and using the LMS. Use organization wide emailers, intranet, or message boards for better reach of communication

Tip 2: Show how it works

Showing people how it works is a great way to increase adoption rates. Think video tutorials, user guides, fun incentives, live sessions, and peer to peer communication. Make sure everyone understands how to access, login, and enroll to the programs.

Tip 3: Simplify the process of signing up and logging in 

Many people are hesitant to use a platform if it is difficult to navigate the sign-up process. A lot of websites have multiple pages where you have to enter your information, and that can be a deterrent for people who are not familiar with the service. Make sure it is easy for people to sign up and log in. A single-sign-on by logging in through one email id would be ideal.  

Tip 4: Implement an automated solution for tracking learner progress

Make sure the LMS/LXP features the learning progress on the dashboard, once the learner gets to see his/her progress, set their goals, and compare themselves with peers, it motivates them to keep using the platform  

Tip 5: Make the learning process fun 

One of the best ways to make more people adopt the platform is by making it fun. When people are having fun, they are more likely to continue using the service. Think gamification, think rewards, think challenges, and think other engaging elements that makes them keep wanting for more. Make sure your LMS provides all of these and more. Again, remember the #1 tip. Make sure everyone knows about it.   

Tip 6: Make it easy for learners to connect with each other 

When learners are able to connect with each other, they can share ideas and help each other learn. See if your Learning Management Platform or Learning Experience Platform supports social learning. It is always preferred to invest in one with these capabilities.

Tip 7: Make it easy for learners to ask questions and get help

Learners need a way to easily communicate with trainers if they have questions about the material or if they need help. Does your LMS has an option to reach out to the mentors or experts for questions. Does it have chat support for tech support? Where can learners access the FAQs? Keep all of this information easily available for them. 

Tip 8: Additionally, offer a detailed User Guide 

While they can get their answers through chat or support, user guides are always helpful because they show people how to use the platform and they answer common questions without having to interact with anyone. Also, user guides showcase all the features in detail which short videos or messages sometimes are not able to cover.

With these tips and tricks for increasing user adoption of remote learning you will be well on your way!