Understanding Learning Telemetry: 7 E-learning Statistics

As much as the training process is important, knowing whether you have achieved the result is more important. Shots in the dark are not what LMS s are meant for. Nothing can be left to chance so LMs reports need to be incorporated into the training process. It is through this reporting format that you can know the success of your training program. There are a set of basic reports and provision for custom reports too.

Defining LMS Reports

These are an integral part of your LMS that helps monitor the attendee’s progress. These are end-to-end solutions that cater to a wide array of L&D needs of an organization.

What Metrics need to be tracked?

Broadly speaking the following metrics will give you an overall picture of the learner’s progress.

o A Learner Progress Overview encompassing all training across departments. With filters placed in the report, you can easily zero down on a specific employee or a specific department.

o Engagement Metrics: Low turnout for particular sessions or courses are indicators to change strategies. A bit of brainstorming and you could arrive at the reason, be it lack of communication, low standard of content, or time constraints.

o Learner Results: By tracking all the results of a learner, you can know his learning comprehension and improvement areas. The sub metrics like the number of attempts, time spent on assignments, etc., can further evaluate the learner. This is a great way of differentiating the high performers from the ones who need a push.

o Comparison: An entry-level pre-test at the beginning and one post the training gives a clear picture of whether you have achieved intended the outcomes of the training program.

o Tracking free form assignments: This could in the form of essays, presentations, videos, etc to be submitted outside of the LMS. This helps in knowing the attitude towards work.

o Quizzes and Module Reports: By tracking these you can identify the problem area and strengths of your employee and make the relevant interventions.

o Leaderboards are essential metrics for knowing the best of the lot. Reward mechanisms can also be decided this way. Also this is a great way to encourage learners to participate and learn more.

By using Learning Telemetry, data gets automatically recorded and made accessible for analysis and monitoring. The just-in-time reports help plan learning interventions better as well. Apart from individual progress, the department-wise progress can also be tracked, lacunae identified, and systems rectified on time. By navigating through reports you can track users, courses, attendance and come to conclusions regarding employees, training content and prepare suitable course corrections when needed. Reports can also be exported for further action. The significance of measuring the impact of training initiatives cannot be underestimated.

With Learning Telemetry of Techademy ULXP, you get enhanced insights and tracking of learner statistics to help your organization measure, monitor, and improve the effectiveness of your learning program.