Most in-demand topics for L&D for tech employees in the BFSI sector

Most In-demand skills for Tech Employees in the BFSI Sector

When it comes to characterizing the rise of the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) area during the previous several years, the term “paradigm shift” is frequently used, nowadays. The pandemic has shown to be a fantastic accelerator in the sector’s tech transformation process, since favorable disruptions have continuously given it many makeovers.

Due to a five-fold rise in digital payments, India’s digital financing reached US$ 75 billion in FY18 and is expected to reach US$ 1 trillion by FY23. One of the major focuses has been providing better customer service and modernizing IT infrastructure in a coordinated manner. Long story short, this necessitates the appointment of a tech-savvy leader, one who possesses the necessary expertise, technology, and vision to take BFSI to the next step. While there are many aspects that tech executives will need to improve, let’s look at some of the most important digital skills that are required of BFSI executives in 2021.

AI Technology

The C-suite will have to focus on lowering expenses, maintaining productivity, and expanding regulatory measures in 2021. Consumer behavior shifted dramatically as a result of the Covid standards, as digitalization such as virtual self-service and quick and transparent payments became increasingly popular. This fundamental shift, along with the rise in mobile users, is putting traditional business models to the test.

To summarize, banking AI allows for better, quicker, and more accurate management at lower operating expenses. AI will eventually become necessary for most BFSI businesses as the industry gets more technologically savvy. AI has already been one of the major technologies used in banking, it seems only obvious that it is also the topmost technology demanded for upskilling tech professionals in this sector.

Data Analytics

As previously said, the operational model must now prioritize the consumer. At each point of the consumer journey, analytics may provide useful information to decision-makers. In the short and long term, combining all of the data collected from many existing and future consumer touchpoints can allow smart services. The most often or regularly asked issues may be found and answered utilizing demographic insights, leading to more sophisticated stages of use. In this scenario, advanced analytics is one of many instances of how data at the most basic levels may be utilized to grow company networks, increase consumer wallet sizes, and offer personalized product portfolios.


In 2020, Mastercard reported 460,000 infiltration attacks on a normal day, up 70% from the previous year. With digital acumen comes the unwavering demand for cybersecurity development. Security must not be disregarded as APIs become more oriented on providing clients with more ease. More digitalization and remote processes will raise loopholes and provide chances for phishing, malware, and other criminality, putting institutions at risk of data breaches or hacking.

Effective communication requires efficiency.

The capacity to communicate well, whether verbally or in writing, is essential for getting along with co-workers and clients. The odds of getting people to listen increase enormously if you communicate successfully. So, softskills are

Willingness to get along with people

The BFSI industry necessitates a large number of people’s talents, which are necessary for it to work effectively with others. Are you able to empathize with people, to have empathy, to listen, and to express sympathy?


The capacity of a potential employee to comprehend the pulse of clients is at the top of the list for recruiting in the financial services industry. To survive in today’s competitive world, it is necessary to be able to provide a great customer experience and acknowledge that every move is performed with the customer at the center of the organization.

Adaptive attitude

A person should be adaptable to different conditions, issues, and individuals. In today’s dynamic global marketplaces, this flexibility will aid the individual in meeting the continuously changing expectations of clients, quick technical improvements, and regulatory obligations.

People Skills:

Robots may be efficient, but they are incapable of feeling emotion or empathy. Employers today look for persons with a high level of emotional intelligence who can read a variety of personalities and comprehend people’s wants and goals.

Finally, firms in the banking and financial industries will need to improve their technological boundaries in order to stay in business during the pandemic and prosper thereafter. The objective will be to go forward in a sustainable manner while focusing on a tech-enabled & people centric leadership approach.

So, what skills are you planning to train your tech professionals in 2022