Opportunities To Bridge The Campus To Corporate Readiness Gap

In the IT industry today, recruiting enterprises are adopting numerous ways to determine if aspiring graduates are ready for real-world challenges. This entices students to acquire additional technical credentials, along with their regular curriculum, that enables their suitability for a particular role. More and more institutions are now focusing on providing better learning opportunities for engineering students by adopting industry readiness courses. These opportunities bridge the campus to corporate readiness gaps.

Unlike the past, when most institutions enrolled students to award a degree, these institutions are providing resources during the course with the help of third party talent transformation partners working closely with the industry. These parallel running programs eliminates extra spends, saves time, and reinforce industry-ready skills among students. In addition, institutions and job-ready students tend to get more opportunities for higher placement records and employment choices at the end of their batches.

Implementing the Integrated Learning Program at Campuses

Implementing such courses at universities varies from campus to campus and even batch to batch. With short term courses like Finishing School becoming mandatory for institutions before graduation, some institutions agree to include these programs in the existing schedule. A whole lot of other institutions offer these supplementary courses as integrated programs right after the regular lectures or during weekends while some institutions go for independent study for students in campus to complete a minimum number of hours of instruction.

These programs are proving to be one of the most effective tools to increase industry readiness. Institutions in different parts of the globe which implemented similar programs have reported a two-fold increase in job readiness of their graduates within 5 years of implementation. Enhanced employability of graduates continues to be one of the strongest outcomes of these programs. These programs have also resulted in universities and students being better prepared for the requirements of the disruptive IT industry.

Bridging the gap for the campus to corporate by providing resources, learning environment, and employment opportunities inside the campus benefit both the students and the enterprises. Being a prominent facilitator of such programs, IIHT looks forward to being part of a large number of such initiatives that empower students to build successful IT careers.