Strategies to support learning in the flow of work

How to Support Learning in the Flow of Work?

Learning in the flow of work is the smartest thing to happen in recent times to the corporate Learning and Development pedagogy. But let’s be clear it is not the newest thing to happen in a work and learn ecosystem. And, so there is no need to get overwhelmed by it. It has been there but exploiting its true potentials in a workplace situation calls for putting in place some effective strategies.

Joy of learning

FLASH BACK…You are a 4 year boy or a girl in a pre-school nursery at a nascent stage of cognitive development. You learn as you grope through specially designed learning toys and games under the supervision of a trained teacher in a flow of playing games. You learn not just for the joy of learning but adding value to the work you are engaged in. This is what drives the learning in the flow of the work process.

Spontaneous learning

FAST-FORWARD to PRESENT- In a modern work environment learning in the flow of work is quite similar to our early childhood learning process – learning in the flow of growing up. It happens spontaneously without the learners ever getting conscious about being in a regimented classroom learning environment.

Poor attendance

Employees learn the most when they are on the job they enjoy doing the most. Ask them to join a special session of learning in a classroom for skill training and don’t be surprised by poor attendance.

Attractive way of skilling

In fact, Learning and Development specialists have been faced with this massive challenge of encouraging albeit without much success the culture of learning among workers using traditional LMS systems. Now they are reinventing the wheel once again as they find learning in the flow of work a much better, easy and attractive way of skilling their workforce. Accordingly, now considered dull and time consuming, LMS processes are being modified to cater to the learning needs of the workforce on the job.    

Better engaged workforce

Learning in a flow of work, in fact, is the new credo of workplace learning. For, it ensures better workforce engagement in an on-job learning process. At the end of the day a better engaged workforce in learning is a net gain for the employers rather than a disengaged one. According to a study by the Washington based analytics and advisory firm Gallup, the disengaged workforce globally accounts for as much as about 7 trillion dollar in losses every year.  

Appropriate strategies

Realizing the importance of learning while working, Organizations have now firmed up appropriate strategies to facilitate learning in the flow of work using suitable tools, technological and other content based solutions.   

Tools of learning

In terms of technologies and tools, organizations can arrange for micro-learning and LEP or Learning Experience Platforms besides Learning Management System to set in motion learning in the flow of work.

Smooth access

A major challenge in the path of providing uninterrupted learning in the flow of work to employees is to ensure an easy and smooth access to learning. And, no platform or tool does it better than anything so easily available – a mobile device. Whether it is content delivery, micro-learning, providing training in onboarding of new employees or on new products nothing can beat a smart mobile phone. A mobile friendly content is the order of the day.

Short, crisp content

Tried and tested tools like micro-learning courses provide much needed short, brief and crisp contents when it is needed the most for example to solve one or two specific problems while on the job. Learning and Development experts also advise against using microlearning as the standalone medium and only way of learning in the flow of work. They say that instead learning has to be approached as a holistic, need based exercise.   


Finally, an impactful content plays an important role in ensuring effective learning in the flow of work. In an ocean of endless contents, finding the most suitable ones and providing the same in no time to learners in the flow of work requires their proper curation. Ultimately, it’s all about making learning stick and curated content does it more wonderfully than anything else to give the best of learning experiences in the flow of work.