Tackling The Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Contributing To A Globa

Tackling The Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Contributing To A Global Effort

COVID-19 has forced businesses and higher education institutions to swiftly move to alternative teaching methods and adopt new technologies to support distance learning — like video conferencing software, online assessment tool, virtual practice labs, and other e-learning resources, in an effort to keep student and instructors safe and healthy.

The pandemic has been providing tech insights at scale as to what learning and development look like, allowing it to potentially shift from just content dissemination to augmenting interactions with instructors, personalization, and independent learning. It is also important to understand that rolling out online learning strategy—overnight, with no training, and often without sufficient bandwidth—will leave many with a sour taste about the whole exercise. Many people may well continue to associate e-learning with lockdowns, recalling frustrations with trying to log on or mucking through products that didn’t make sense.

In response to the number of universities, and educational bodies that are shuttering campuses to learners over the next several weeks, and as members of the education community, IIHT has stepped up equally well to help business facilitate online learning for the home-bound workforce, offering services, resources, and learning platforms to universities affected by the health crisis for free until the crisis cedes.

A Free Access To The Integrated Learning Experience Platform

The platform allows learners to choose from 3000+ technology-related courses, curated to meet the niche demands of today’s ever-evolving IT ecosystem. IIHT is offering “no-questions-asked” access to the platform content to businesses and universities having a learner base in the field of IT. You get instant access to content, mapped assessment, assigned virtual labs, and the ability to conduct virtual mentor sessions within the platform and the related course. Administrators of the platform can track each learners’ performance with a variety of ready-made and customizable reports and recommend learning paths.

All courses are integrated with modular assessments to allow you to assess the capabilities and skill level of your learners. You can assess your learners on various assessments primarily differentiated by coding and non-coding assessments.

  • Knowledge/Skill/ Stack-based Assessments
  • Proctoring
  • Multi-language code compilation
  • Auto Grading and Code Refactoring

Not only this, but the platform also allows you to reinforce knowledge gained through our Learning Paths with one of the largest libraries of IT Practical Labs online. Backed with a recommendation engine, every learner is profiled based on multiple parameters. All learners on the platform can be allocated 300+ labs based on their job roles and their experience levels and require nothing more than an internet browser.

And the last but not the least, your learners get to interact online with peers and SMEs with scheduled virtual mentor sessions. This L&D module is designed for real-time collaboration via video, audio, screen-sharing, polls, chat, Q&A and document sharing — has been made available for enterprises and universities to continue their learning programs without compromising on the learning experience. 

  • Upon incubation in the learning portal, a learner can find a scheduled mentor relevant to their Learning Path/Skill-set/Technology
  • It allows administrators to schedule mentor sessions and send session invites to any number of learners online.
  • Learners can also be nominated to be mentors to promote peer-based learning.

The platform seamlessly integrates into your existing platforms to blend in; diverging to create multiple learner journeys, with a focus on learning effectiveness. The platform has been utilized by more than 200 Fortune 500 enterprises to combine work and learning of their distributed IT workforce way ahead of the current situations. Plug in our API to your systems to score tactical and strategic learning goals and keep your L&D initiatives as effective it used to be offline.

Individual EdTech Platforms Available On Demand

MakeMyLabs – Virtual Technology Labs

Mentor-on-Demand – Synchronous and Asynchronous Mentoring Platform

Techademy – 3000+ Technology Course Content

Yaksha Online – An AI-enabled Assessment Engine

While the coronavirus spread across the world may not have been contained yet, the education system continues to sustain itself. The community is making education accessible to learners, even when they are not able to go to campuses to attain it. Times are hard, Learning shouldn’t be.