TECHADEMY Launches New Age Unified Learning Experience Platform

TECHADEMY has been making inroads as a unified learning experience platform that is poised to address the challenges in Learning and Development (L&D) programs in post-COVID 19 workplace environments.
By incorporating features of both an LMS and LXP, the digital platform unifies various learning interventions to solve critical challenges, from addressing learning drop-offs and inculcating a culture of continuous learning, to virtual employee onboarding, compliance and customer training, cross-skilling, reskilling and deploying virtual training environments with ease.

Outlining the need for companies to stay on top of their L&D strategies in an era where technologies and their applications continue to change and evolve at a rapid pace, Techademy Founder, N Keshava Raju said “Unprecedented events such as the one we’re in continues to create daunting challenges for an organisation’s L&D strategy in a time where they need it more than ever. While we noticed that most organisations have not axed their development programs, our internal data and surveys indicate that metrics such as engagement rates, and course completion rates are taking a significant hit.”
By integrating various learning platforms that focus on various learning metrics into a singular digital solution, TECHADEMY aims to solves this very challenge, and make professional training more relevant, personalised and engaging by putting learner experiences at the heart of an L&D strategy. Given that most companies today have a distributed workforce it becomes very important for organisations to deliver meaningful learning experiences that are consumed as intended.

Commenting on the same, Techademy Founder N Keshava Raju added, “To drive employee engagement and improves ones returns on learning (ROL) organisations need to curate and nurture an outcome-oriented learning culture. One can do this only by equipping their workforce with the right set of tools, be it assessments that evaluate core traits and acquired skills, or letting them learn in a sphere that mimics the organisations production environment.”

Apart from the plethora of features the platform offers, TECHADEMY also plans on adding about 50 new courses every month to its content library, which currently hosts over 2500 tech-based courses. The company’s main goal currently is to ensure that organisations continue to deliver and improve upon their L&D programs without any interruptions. Sharing its heritage and promoters with IIHT, Techademy is poised to be a truly one of its kind platform with a mission statement that Founder N Keshava Raju signs off with “Since our inception in 1993, we have had a strong bond with the IT & IT-enabled industries and have been a preferred L&D partner for some of the tech giants today. We have an obligation to ensure that the industry does not face any negative disruption by future-proofing talent transformation.”