The future of EdTech- Through the lens of India.

EdTech is the buzzing term of this ever-evolving tech-world. The rising need for the education sector to function smoothly has made EdTech the significant aider of this process. Where education and technology meet, learning continuously to shine through pillars that hold the society firm.

The continuous rise in internet reach and the extensive use of smartphones as led to the swift swell in the EdTech sector in India. The launch of EdTech startups in the last six years sizes to an astonishing number of over 4000 that indicates a dynamic growth rate.

Reasons that reflect- India as the leader in the EdTech industry in the next 5 years!

  • Education system’s readiness for disruption 

For decades the Indian education system has been skilled with the traditional practices. Although technology did enter the education system in the last decade it didn’t experience many transformations then as compared to the adaption it has made in just past two years. Schools, universities, and even organizations have now decided to digitalize training as it has filled educational gaps and brought in convenience and accessibility with no time or space limitations.

  • Increased smartphone users and penetration of internet

This news isn’t alarming at all, right? The inevitable usage of mobile phones and a reduced rate of data has led to the rise of EdTech as it brings learning at your fingertips. We can be convinced that the future classrooms will move from ‘chalk and talk’ to ‘click and resume’. The integration of cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality is revolutionizing learning momentously.

  • The world of the young leaders

The workforce has experienced a massive shift and so must the educational system. The employers are no longer banking their hopes on impressive resumes, rather are fishing for skilled individuals who understand their business goals. This has given a great opportunity to EdTech entrepreneurs to bridge the educational gaps by aligning courses that enable the learners to become aware of industry-specific learning and enhance their theoretical knowledge practically. 

  • Education is personal Now

The advancement of technology has given aids and space for education to be personalized. Unlike the traditional classroom and the time-restricted learning system, online learning is flexible and accessible at all times with ample learning resources leaving no scope for incomplete learning. To top it all each learner can find customized learning paths that help them to learn at their own pace making the phrase ‘everyone is unique’ acceptable in the education sector.

The above reasons promise a better, evolved, and digitalized education system in India. A country that is educated is bound to progress and now we are moving further to say, a country with skilled individuals is bound to create ways to progress. 

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