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The Top 9 E-learning Trends in 2022

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Learning is changing – eLearning trends are changing, too. eLearning has been one of the most popular ways to educate employees for years now. As eLearning evolves, so do the eLearning trends that make it more effective and engaging. Here are some of our predictions about what e-learning will look like in 2022! eLearning is a popular choice for e-learning because it allows employees to learn at their own pace.

the top nine eLearning trends in 2022

  • Augmented Reality/Virtual reality:

Augmented and virtual reality are quickly becoming the next big thing in eLearning, with more companies offering courses that feature AR or VR elements. These immersive technologies allow users to interact with course content more excitingly and engagingly. eLearning courses that feature AR or VR elements can be especially beneficial for e-learning. They enable employees to experience the e-learning course first hand, rather than see it on a screen!

  • Learning in small bites:

This another trend we expect to increase in popularity over the next few years. eLearning courses delivered in bite-sized chunks allow employees to multitask and learn new skills at their own pace.

  • Mobile learning:

Mobile learning is another trend we expect will continue to be popular with learners as more companies offer eLearning opportunities on mobile devices. eLearning that can be accessed through mobile devices allows employees to learn on the go, which is perfect for always on the move!

  • Learning through games:

Games have been used in eLearning for years now, and their popularity is only increasing. eLearning games are a great way to keep employees engaged and motivated as they learn new learning skills. In 2022, we predict that eLearning games will become even more popular and interactive!

Social learning is another trend that we expect to increase in popularity over the next few years. eLearning courses that allow employees to learn from their peers are a great way to encourage collaboration and networking. Additionally, social media platforms can share eLearning content and help employees learn new learning skills!

  • Curated content:

E-learning courses that experts curate can be a great way to ensure employees learn the latest eLearning trends and techniques. eLearning courses that feature curated content can benefit both employees and employers as they allow employees to learn from the best in eLearning!

  • Artificial intelligence and eLearning aids:

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular eLearning trends, with more learning courses using AI to personalize learning for employees. eLearning that is personalized can be a great way to help employers spend their e-learning training budget effectively while ensuring every employee has access to the e-learning courses that are most relevant to them!

  • Video-based learning:

Video has been one of the most popular eLearning formats for years now, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon. eLearning videos allow employees to learn new learning skills in a way that is both interesting and engaging. In 2022, eLearning videos will continue to be popular, with eLearning companies offering more e-learning courses delivered via video.


It is no secret that the world of education and learning has recently been changing at a rapid pace. With 2020 quickly approaching, organizations must consider upskilling their employees for what’s coming next in 2022. These nine eLearning trends should help you think outside the box as your organization prepares for tomorrow’s workforce. Techademy can work with you on designing a custom employee development plan tailored to meet all of your needs – just let us know! Check out
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