Learning Hacks for the Hybrid Workspace

Top 5 Learning Hacks for the Hybrid Workspace

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By 2022, we expect an increasing number of employees and businesses to seek out and provide learning opportunities. Not only are individuals wanting to improve their abilities in order to succeed in today’s changing market, but organizations are also looking to expand their skill set. While this learning trend existed prior to the pandemic, there is now an even greater desire to ‘come out stronger’ post-Covid, which is leading to a doubling down on these opportunities. Learning is, in fact, a talent that must be practiced and honed. Here are top 5 learning hacks:

1. Creating new-age learning experience platforms which connects learning plans to each learner’s short and long-term career goals. Learning experience platform is user-centered that delivers tailored and intelligently chosen material from a variety of sources. Social components, such as the ability to connect directly with other learners, cooperate on initiatives, and create learning communities.

2. Developing future-focused upskilling strategy to meet employees’ learning expectations. Companies that invest in sophisticated upskilling strategies have a livelier culture, increased employee engagement, and a superior ability to recruit and retain talent.

3. Creating accessible and flexible feedback loops between learners and expert trainers. A feedback loop is a process that aims to move learning forward through feedback and it’s a process of checking for and affirming understanding that is specific, manageable, non-evaluative, and focused on a learning target.

4. Using Augmented Reality for immersive learning experience. Employees can immerse themselves in the experience by engaging all of their senses. This allows the brain to record activity more accurately, resulting in greater knowledge retention. In fact, studies have shown that when immersive technology is used, retention rates may reach an astonishing 75%.

5. Granting learners some solitary time for focused learning. If employees do not make time to study, learning and development (L&D) programs will not be as effective as they may be. As a result, more and more L&D executives are making it a top priority to assist their employee in making time for learning.

We hope you found these learning hacks helpful! If you’re looking for more ways to create a learning environment that caters to the needs of your hybrid workforce, be sure to check out our other blog posts!