making the most of digital content

Using learning and performance ecosystem for enhancing impact of digital content

A study on impact of video on learning by East Tennessee State
University, US, in 2012, made a significant observation. It stated, ‘Students
using the video tutorials were better able to use the tools and complete the
stated student learning outcomes’ more efficiently than those who don’t use the
medium. This holds true just as much as for the modern-day online workplace
learning and performance ecosystem as learning through video gains traction.  


Force multiplier

In today’s increasingly vibrant e-Learning architecture powered by
a global IT boom, videos work as a force multiplier.

Videos, particularly, impact the workplace learning process in a
big way by leveraging existing learning and performance ecosystems.

Learning through audio and visuals is making more sense to
learners and instructors than ever before by virtue of its easy accessibility.  


Increase learners’ engagement

Further, it has now been established beyond any doubt that
contrary to perceptions among Learning and Development honchos a few decades
ago that videos are an expensive and useless means of imparting learning they
are now considered affordable and an essential part of the learning process.
Videos are also found to increase learners’ engagement and their capacity to
retain knowledge.


Stand-alone medium

Despite a seeming surge in its use in recent times, it is still
being debated whether videos can ever be a standalone mode of learning.

But usefulness of videos in delivering enhanced learning
experience is fast gaining traction.

In the context of the learning and performance ecosystem
comprising networks, tools, resources, support, etc, working in sync with a
‘repertoire of practice’ such as techniques, strategies, tactics and available
tools, etc. video is turning out to be a game-changer.

It is learning ‘as you like’ and ‘whenever you like’ not
regimented one.


  Short and smart content

One of the reasons for increasing popularity of videos among both
learning and development professionals and learners is its ability to
facilitate enhanced learners’ engagement.

With their short and absorbing contents of not more than 3 to 6
minutes and in rare cases under 20 minutes videos are a wonderful means of
learning providing holistic learning to learners round the clock, 24×7 right in
front of your eyes.

Such knowledge sticks in the brain for a longer period of time and
is easy to recall and apply in real job role situations.


Added advantages

What’s more, videos whether online or in social media platforms
come with added advantages and flexibility. Learners can watch, learn, pause
and rewind as per their choice and requirement.  So there is no fear of
losing out on important content that a learner might miss in the course of
conventional classroom learning.


Enhanced learning experience

Especially, in a workplace learning and performance scenario,
organisations make effective use of videos to train workers or learners to
up-skill or equip them with appropriate knowledge for performing different job

Job-roles learning experience is enhanced by videos demonstrating
the relevant skills and their effective application.

Such training videos come in handy for new workers or first time
learners as they get to quickly pick up skills and apply them more confidently
in any workplace situation.


Sharing new ideas

It is not necessary that a workplace learner has to be equally
proficient in the art of writing to share new ideas or personal learning
experience within the organisation.

Video is a fascinating medium for workers to honestly share their
knowledge or ideas within an organisation through intranet and enterprise
social networks.

It is simple and a lot easier to make a to-the-point, sharp video
with your Smartphone and sharing the same with others.


Employer-employee engagement

For employers, a video made in all honesty and with the intended
objective of conveying a story from a real life situation to employees and to
connect with them through an intense engagement during a learning experience
can’t be replaced by any other medium of communication. Such is the power of


Finally, video is increasingly becoming an effective tool of
initiating interactive online learning. Whether it is for training on-the-go,
supporting Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), micro-learning or social
learning video in its new emerging avatar is here to stay as it continues to
provide a fruitful and enriching experience of gaining new knowledge through a
learning and performance ecosystem.