Virtual L&D Is Not Just Providing Employees With Technology

The home-bound world needs more than just an idea to run the new normal. Moving ‘learning’ online is the ideal way of uninterrupted learning of today. IIHT has carefully created an online e-learning ecosystem which makes this transition a click away.

IIHT provides an immersive online learning environment to its learners and this is only possible with a wholesome E-learning platform which is a collaboration of Live Virtual Classes, Relevant Content Library, Virtual IT Labs, and an Assessment Engine. IIHT has always focused on purpose-driven learning and hence developed features that enable optimum results to deliver effective training and learning experience.

Live Virtual Classes

Moving your campus online is more advantageous than you think. The continuous learning environmental set-up doesn’t need to stop while the globe slows down. The LVC platform is built to conduct live virtual classes and uses the fastest streaming clouds to deliver videos to the slowest of bandwidth and internet speed at the receiver’s device. The features integrated into the learning ecosystem elevates your entire educational system. Live Virtual Classes will tell stories of learning experience years from now.

Instructor / Admin Dashboard


Examination Platform

The process of assessing learning is one of the crucial and most essential parts of education. Hence, moving your campus online has made this process efficient and convenient as compared to an on-campus assessing style. The assessment engine allows you to take tests and complete assignment through an accessible toolbar which enables upload, submit, and various actions in a click.

Virtual IT Labs

Learning without practice is only half-learning. Therefore, a learner needs to have practical experience of working on real-world problems. The Virtual IT labs give provision for the same on our integrated learning platform.

Virtual IT Labs on the platform are pre-configured based on the technology being taught and can be launched from the learner window within clicks. These labs provide real-time hands-on experience to the students. Each learner has access to a separate instance on their computer. You can either select from the list of 400+ virtual labs on the platform or request a custom IT lab configuration for your learners within minutes.

The labs are mapped to the courses and sessions but can be used as a separate platform to conduct practical sessions as well. Students can find labs assigned to them in their respective learner dashboard’s Table of Content.


While training in the most effective is very crucial, the course content stands higher than that as what you need to be relevant. The broad visibility of the course catalog and an intensive search bar enables the learner to choose the right course within a few minutes. The learner dashboard provides a view of your progress, lab usage and credit earned to keep you updated.

The video player is optimized for viewing course videos at lower bandwidth and slower internet speed as well. The picture-in-picture feature allows you to view the lecture and practice your code in the integrated code lab at the same time.

Real-time coding is made accessible to the learners enrolled in a coding-related course. The code lab enables the learner to practice the code with a suitable integrated development environment available out of the box.

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