6 corporate L&D Challenges To watch in 2022

5 L&D Challenges in 2022 and How to Solve Them

In L&D, the future is now. L&D professionals are tasked with preparing employees for a rapidly changing world and this has never been more difficult. L&D leaders need to know what challenges their company will face in 2022 and be prepared to meet them head-on. In this blog post, we explore a few L&D challenges that will impact organizations in the next five years:
Rapidly evolving Tech

In 2022, technology disruption will be the biggest challenge tech L&D professionals will be facing. With advancing technologies such as AI and automation, employees’ skillsets will need to constantly evolve in order to keep up with the latest trends. L&D professionals will need to create learning programs that are not only creative and innovative, but that also equip employees with the skills to adapt to change. Additionally, organizations will face a rapidly aging workforce which creates new L&D challenges in terms of training and development. L&Ds will need to find ways to keep older employees engaged and productive, while also preparing the next generation of employees for the workforce.

Data Privacy

Another challenge in 2022 is data privacy. As more and more companies adopt big data and analytics, L&Ds will need to ensure that employee data is protected. This means implementing privacy policies and procedures, as well as training employees on what they can and cannot do with data.

While these are just a few of the challenges of L&D in 2022, they provide a glimpse into the future. By preparing for these challenges now, L&Ds will be able to create effective learning programs that help their organizations grow and succeed.

Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

As most of us are working in isolation for the last 2 years, employees have lost touch with how to deal emotionally. As a result of this lack in skills, L&D teams are challenged with finding ways for everyone across their organization – from high-level executives all the way down staff members – be more empathetic towards others. This is not an easy task but it’s necessary if we want our future generations committed individuals who can handle themselves well under pressure situations or when dealing sensitively without feeling overwhelmed by their job responsibilities. This challenge is for all teams across the organization. Tech or Non-tech.

Adoption of Platforms for Learning and Development

One of the biggest challenges facing L&D teams is driving adoption of new software and digital processes for learning. Surprisingly even tech teams are reluctant in adopting new software for learning. One fix could be to integrated L&D platforms with existing ecosystems seamlessly so that it is very easy for employees to access. It’s not just the accessibility, the bigger problem is making them feel motivated to use and engage with the learning platforms. Gamification and collaborative initiatives help the employees kickstart and feel motivated to adopt the platform. L&D needs to keep reinventing ways to engage with all learners remotely.

Results-Driven Training

Learning needs to have a tangible impact on employee performance, that’s when it is useful. Skilling employees has to be now tied with the business goals as well. It is therefore the responsibility of CLOs to plan and implement value-driven L&D initiatives. In 2022, we expect to witness the rise of transformer CLOs who will transform the L&D plans too.

To sum up, L&D professionals are tasked with preparing employees for a rapidly changing world in which they need to constantly adapt.

  • Rapid changes in technology, the workforce, and data privacy are among the many challenges that companies will face. To meet these challenges head-on, L&Ds will need to be creative and forward-thinking in their approach.
  • The future of L&D is now, as organizations are already seeing the impacts of emerging technologies and changing demographics.
  • By 2022, technology disruption will be the biggest challenge facing corporate L&Ds, as employees will need to constantly adapt to changing technologies. In order to keep up, L&Ds will need to be creative and innovative in their approach, incorporating emerging technologies into learning programs.
  • Data privacy will be another major challenge facing corporate L&Ds in 2022, as companies are increasingly collecting data on their employees. L&Ds will need to ensure that employee data is protected, implementing privacy policies and procedures.
  • The role of L&D will continue to evolve with the rise of new technologies. As AI and automation become more prevalent, L&Ds will need to find ways to incorporate them into their learning programs.
  • User adoption and engagement continue to be the major challenges in virtual learning
  • Lastly, L&D plan should be a strategic business initiative rather than just an HR/L&D activity

    By preparing for these challenges now, L&Ds can help their organizations thrive in the years to come.