The client is a mid-size IT firm with over 40 years of experience in providing technology solutions for data-driven business insights. They believe in Reinventing the future through transformative technologies. Previously the client used to run a number of of ad-hoc and utilitarian training initiatives — just-in-time training to live sessions. However, evolving business strategies and goals required them to move beyond just professional development and establish a culture of continual learning.

What was the client trying to solve?

The client was committed to continuous learning to ensure that their workforce was always evolving with business needs. However, most initiatives were done sporadically with different vendors for both content and assessment. The primary challenges that acted as barriers to this learning culture would be as follows:
Scaling skills to business needs.
With their workforce across the globe, the client wanted to execute their L&D operations remotely. Thus, it wanted to identify the necessary technology platform to scale its development initiatives. Besides matching global learning standards, the client wanted to have a strategic partner to understand and execute its objective into a holistic upskilling plan across multiple roles for specific tech domains and competencies.
Integrating different learning interventions and vendors.
The most significant concern was not possessing the right tool that could help identify role-centric training needs in the organization. The company did not have the ideal methodology to deal with them. The company wanted to focus on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of its employees to nurture and strengthen them holistically. The idea was to create training and development plans that could help empower every individual in the organization by having them learn hands-on.

The Solution:

Techademy was able to create training plans that aligned directly with their Centers of Excellence, areas areas of technical expertise that supported the client’s mission to help clients modernize their most essential systems and software. The client would also have access to content ranging from beginner-level to advanced which would allow managers assigned tailored learning paths based on the employee’s skill level and career goals, rather than having a one-size-fits-all solution for every employee in the same role. These learning paths came with inbuilt, customized assessments, practice sessions and also incorporated collaborative and social learning. We also ensured that the learners had access to skill-gap analytics as well as other learning data. Access to such data instilled the feeling of learning not being wasted as they no longer had to learn things they were already good at.

Integrated LMS
  • Access to an affluent library of content across 3000+ IT courses
  • Integrate assessments along with courses and learning paths
  • Creating a Learning Management System that can support more than 1000 students at once allows for easy and reliable education delivery.
Hyper-personalized Learning Initiatives
  • Access to over 40,000 hours of cloud lab time so that users can flexibly use labs across the organization for hands-on learning
  • Reporting and analytics to provide clear data on learner progress, ROI of learning programs, and other key metrics measuring the effect of training initiatives
  • Learners can see recommended courses and learning paths based on their progress and established goals.
A combination of hyper-personliased learning and the integrated platform allowed the learners to see the impact their learning journeys had on their long term career goals as well as the organisation’s. This incentivised them to keep learning which in turn would result in increased learner adoption and engagement. Additionally, we also prepared the client for the next step in transformation through leadership planning. This would allow teams to succession planning for executive teams by training the next wave of leadership, giving them the skills needed to succeed in their career progression. This was based on creating a training model which incorporates employee performance, a technical roadmap, and the company’s business strategy. The result is a well-defined growth pipeline that supports both employees looking to advance in their career, as well as the company’s long-term objectives.

The Impact:

  • The client was able to structure learning journeys for all tech learners

  • By utilizing our hands-on learning and assessments that are integrated with initiatives, we were able to increase learner engagement by 47%

  • Gain better analytics and increase in the measure of ROI of learning initiatives.

The way forward

With the successful integration of MakeMyLabs with all their L&D efforts – Using our continuous learning tools, our client is now able to do significantly more training programs per year.

"Using the ‘learn, practice, apply’ strategy was immensely beneficial to our learners, but subject matter experts had to be committed to their role as mentors — it helps everyone else to see the benefits of signing up."

– Director of Learning & Development

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