Facilitating Customised 'Learn Before Joining' Program Across Tech Stacks Reducing Time-to-onboard

Facilitating Customised 'Learn Before Joining' Program Across Tech Stacks Reducing Time-to-onboard


The Client is an American computer software company specializing in 3D & 2D Product Lifecycle Management software. They focus on a ‘learn before joining’ method before onboarding new employees to tech teams.
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Reduced Training Cost for Fresher challenge


Once they employ fresh graduates from university, they put them through a foundation program that includes a review of the essentials as well as foundation-level training. Both instructor led and self-paced learning sessions required learners to practice. Their challenges, were as follows:

  • They already have a full-fledged LMS. Wanted same level of expertise and learning outcomes in training who can train employees before they are onboarded.
  • How to enhance learning outcomes, make learning more engaging for the new pool of talents.
  • Enhance candidates’ technical skills before onboarding and make them job ready.


Understanding the client’s needs, we proposed integrating Techademy Learning Experience Platform for all learning initiatives, hence centralizing learning. We also provided custom-made solutions for all trainees with distinct learning paths. With clear input on their needs for new hire training, we devised a program that takes the new hires through the learning tracks the organization wanted. This ‘Learn
Before Joining’ or ’New Hire Foundation’ program offers learners an engaging environment with customized foundation courses and programming languages training, as well as adaptations based on their business goals. Techademy also offered Expert/Mentor-connect every week from our inhouse SMEs, in order to solve the queries and challenges the learners face while learning.

Step 1

Spread across a time period of 41 days for 4 batches before their onboarding with the client.

Step 2

Focused self-paced digital learning content on C, C++, HTML, CSS, Java Script AngularJS, DBMS, Data Structure, Software engineering with Assignments, Assessments, Practice environment, mentor connect.

Step 3

Weekly reports on learning status like Assessment Reports, Course Completion Reports, Attendance, and overall courses


  • The client was able to successfully onboard their new hires after the completion of training.
  • New hires were groomed to take on the job responsibilities from Day 1 as the training was role-specific
  • Techademy Learning Solution has become the standardized process before new hire onboarding and Techademy has evolved as the preferred partner for all learn before joining efforts.
Fresher Foundation Program
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