Upskilling and Reskilling of Employees at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

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Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited is an Indian small finance bank based in Bangalore catering to financially unserved and under-served segments.

The need for skilling

BFSI as a sector has seen a revolutionary transformation in recent years. The ripples have been felt all across including the small finance banking sector. Keeping up with the changing needs of the time, financial institutions have adopted tech-driven solutions. To support this growth in banking and finance, upskilling employees is now of utmost importance.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has been in need of upskilling their workforce so as to meet the demands of the innovations in technology.

Customized Virtual Learning Labs Challenges


Building an infrastructure that supports this upskilling would be highly demanding in labor, time and cost. Ujjivan’s need for upskilling called for an integrated solution that offers an immersive learning experience.
Difficulty in matching training needs with the right training programs
Impossibility of integration of software
Inefficient tracking and reporting
Lack of integrated view of the impact of L&D programs


If upskilling is the question, Techademy is the answer. Helping Ujjivan deliver learning experiences that last, Techademy’s full-stack learning platform features top tech courses along with immersive learning interventions.

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Learning Analytics

Social Learning

Support Features

Built to improve engagement and knowledge retention, Techademy’s Learning Experience Platform blends seamlessly with Ujjivan’s existing systems. These LXP is optimized to engage learners using social learning, leaderboards, and badges.
“Ujjivan has always been an organization which has been endeavoring to upgrade its employees with functional, behavioral, and technical skills. ”
Chandralekha Chaudhuri
Head of Human Resources at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank


“Techademy’s partnership is highly beneficial for us. We already have over 200 employees showing interest in their courses on the first day of its launch. So, we believe this will be a game-changer in the technical training up-gradation for us.”
Chandralekha Chaudhuri
Head of Human Resources at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank