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Choose from over 2600+ courses, meticulously curated to meet the niche demands of today’s ever-changing evolving IT ecosystem. Integrate our content library into your learning program to define immersive learning plans that prevent Learning Dropoff ™ .

Transform Learning Content into Rich Learning Experiences

On an average, IIHT adds 100+ courses per month to the ever growing catalogue. IIHT retains an in-house ‘Learning Services Team’ to create and curate customised content on demand. Connect our content with your Learning Experience Platform to get instant access to content and of course, track your learners with a variety of readymade and customisable reports.

  • 100 new courses launched every month
  • 16,000 hours of pure tech content
  • Engaging and Immersive optimisations for better learning efficacy
  • Introducing AR/VR Content (Beta)

Bring Engaging Content across 30+ Technologies to Life across your Learning Ecosystem.


Network Infrastructure

Cloud Technologies

Data Science & Analytics

Programming & Development

Storage & Database

Machine Learning




Business Intelligence

Operating Systems

Collaboration & Unified Comms


Project Management

Data Center

Robotic Process Automation

Development Methodologies

Artificial Intelligence


& more.

Bring Engaging Content across 30+ Technologies to Life across your Learning Ecosystem.

Flexible Integrations that Deliver Seamless, High-impact Microlearning Experiences.

Tune your LMS into a true industry-grade learning experience with SCORM compliant content that hosts powerful Microlearning Experiences that boost your Returns-on-Learning.

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